The Women's Party

The First-ever Feminist Party in South Korea
Women! At the Center of Politics
The Women's Party completes democracy in South Korea by consolidating female politics,
broadening female representation, and actualizing gender equality in politics. The Women's Party combats the discrimination, violence, and inequality women experience at different stages of their lives.
The Solidarity of Women is the Grounds
for the Existence and the Formation of the Women's Party
The senior and young feminists join forces
In South Korea, senior feminists had led the organized movement for several decades through women’s rights organizations.
Then came ‘Feminism Reboot’, the period after the Gangnam station murder and the #MeToo movement of the 2010's, when many young women began identifying as feminists. Despite the continued on/offline action by feminists, many feminists experienced devastation and helplessness in the face of an unchanging reality.
Following the revised election bill in early 2020 which opened up the playing field for many minor parties,
the senior feminists advanced their long-held vision for a feminist party. The large number of women,
newly converted to feminism, reciprocated their commitment to change the world through politics,
and this initiated the online recruitment for party members.
The formation of the party on International Women's Day (8 March) 2020
The Women's Party formed after successfully recruiting 6000 party members in a week.
This feat by the feminists will be remembered by history.
The young feminists’ capacity for online organizing was a driving force behind the formation of the party.
The inauguration day was on International Women's day (8 March).
The political rights of women from different age brackets were safeguarded by having joint representatives aged in their 10-60’s representing their respective generations.
208,698 votes (0.74%) during the first general elections in 15 April 2020, only 38 days after the formation of the party
The 21st general elections of 2020 is a historical event. The Women's Party’s 10 major pledges addressed issues such as closing the gender pay gap, women’s housing rights, right to health etc., and prioritized curbing digital sexual crimes. With 208,698 (0.74%) votes during its first election, the party came in 10th among parties who won seats in proportional representation.
The future of the Women's party
The Women's Party distinguishes itself from existing parties with its young followers who are mainly aged in their 10-30s.
Over time, the Women's Party will strengthen its support base with the current and future generations of youth.

The Women's Party's foothold online gives it a competitive edge in the post-Covid19 era.
The future of the party is bright. During the YMCA Korea’s straw vote for proportional representation
in the 21st parliamentary elections, held in March and April of 2020 and targeting youth,
the Women’s Party won second place during four attempts and finished fourth all-around.
The Women’s Party advocates for combatting patriarchy in every domain.
The Women’s Party will be present in all spaces within South Korean society to create a society where women from this and the next generations can be safe and free.
  • Guarantee equal representation for women by building a more gender equal representative democracy
  • Create a nation that safeguards women from violence and hate
  • Build a society without socio-economic discrimination against women, and with equal access to labor · equal treatment
    for equivalent labor
  • Recognize women’s contributions to family life and reproduction.
    Develop and implement policies that guarantee the rights, autonomy, and welfare of women.
  • Implement gender equal welfare policies centered on the rights of individual citizens by moving away from
    the paradigm of current welfare policies that institute the concept of the normative family
  • Eliminate all forms of discrimination and privilege that deprive women of equal opportunity
  • Develop a creative society that guarantees a culture of equality and an individual’s right to enjoy this culture
  • Represent the voice and experience of female sexual minorities
  • Build peace through eradication of patriarchal military culture
  • Proactively respond to future issues such as technological development and climate change from a feminist standpoint
The Women’s Party’s agenda
  • Digital sexual crimes agenda-making body: research, analysis, seminars, judicial monitoring,
    National Assembly forums etc. for strengthening penalties for digital sexual crime offenders
  • Demanding a legislation of an act to Criminalize Stalking: National assembly forums, press conferences, seminars, online campaigns
  • Abolition of the anti-abortion ban: Presented statement on urging the government to fully abolish the anti-abortion ban,
    submitted official position on the revised bill permitting termination up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, online campaigns etc.
The Women’s Party’s Non-partisan Coalition
  • Formation of the Alliance of Young Female Politicians
  • Participated in a joint meeting for the introduction of universal basic income
The Women’s Party’s Agreements and Alliances
  • Project ReSET: Took action to legislate·amend laws to end digital sexual crimes
  • Child Support Solution Association: Urged the passing of legislation strengthening child support payment
    (passed on May 2020)
  • Engaged with international anti-sexual exploitation organizations to end digital sexual crimes
The Women’s Party allies with all organizations and individuals who advocate for women’s rights around the world.
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